Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wow, a little better....

Well I know I haven't been posting to much that I've been doing, but like I said before, trying out for a few design teams so I cant post thing that I'm using for the design team try outs. So when its over I'll have a bunch to post!! lol

Anyways..... Well my little ones have been sick and we haven't had the best luck with doctors. Whole other story there, but we went to another doctor today because my youngest spiked a high fever last night. Well I really like this doctors office, they really seemed great and they took there time, they didnt rush in and rush out. We were new patients and they took there time to get to know us some, so that was nice. And his ears and eyes look great, the infections are going away great, but the fever came from an infection on his throat, is what there thinking. They swabbed him and it wasn't strep so will know in a few 2 days what it is, but they said it could just be drainage from allergies, but there note sure. So were hoping just allergies. I'm just happy they didnt leave it as that it wasnt strep, I think its great that there making sure its not something else. And I'm so glad my baby is getting better!!

I also went by our local scrapbook store and got to pick up some new papers!! I got Max and whiskers, by Basic Grey and I cant wait to play with it!! I love it, its too cute!! I also got some other cute stuff to do a layout of my brother and his wife from there wedding. Well off to watch an online class that Donna Downey is teaching on live with prima. So good night.

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  1. Ooh! I love that BG line - it's so cute and versatile! Have fun playing and hope your little ones feel better soon :)