Sunday, April 25, 2010

Being sick stinks

I've been sick for, well I guess 2 days now. And I wish I could still be curled up in bed sleeping through it!! It started out with my oldest at the beginning of the week, then he was finw, or so we thought. They my youngest got pink eye, and then my oldest showed the same sings!! I really don't like pink eye! Took then to the doctor and everything was fine except the pink eye. Well we get home and my youngest takes a nap and wakes up screaming! Scares up to death, well when we get him and calm him down we notice theres something dripping out of his poor little ear. Anyways, some how his pink eye had turned into an ear infection and then on top of all of that both of them got the stomach virus. And of course since they got it, it meant mommy was going to get it too.

So the last few days have not been so nice and I haven't got to scrapbook like I wanted to. I was honestly trying to get some stuff done to try out for a design team, but I think it may have to wait another year. We will just have to see.....

Will see what happens. But I'm going to go for now and try and eat a little something, its been 2 days since I've ate, so I'm kinda hungry..... And then maybe take a nap while the little ones are down.

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