Monday, September 19, 2011


Well I wanted to apologize for binging MIA for so long. So many things have happened. My computer crashed on me, so I was bouncing from one friends computer to another but I couldn't get all my stuff uploaded to their computers. I did get my computer some what fixed and then both og my kids got really sick and then there has been some personal stuff, Family wise, that I'm just not ready to share yet, so please forgive me for being gone so long and I hope you still check back and will see I'm back!!

Well lets see..... I have been scrapping some here and there, more so lately. Its been nice to get back into it, I missed it! I've also been doing more out door things with my kids and that's been nice too. We've been having fun with little experiments, for instance, we got a few bottles of coke the other day and a few packages of mentos took them outside in the yard. When you put the mintos in the coke they start spewing out, (really an experiment for out side!), well depending on how many mentos you put in the higher the fountain that comes out. Needless to say my boys LOVED it!! Were going to start rock candy some time after it gets cold because that one will take time. I've got recipes for moon much, gack, play dough and some other things. Were also going to try some other science projects and more outside things not that its starting to cool down. Well going to go for now, post more later. And its nice to be back!!!