Friday, July 30, 2010

woo hoo, I got my car back!!!

I finally got my car back today!! After three weeks almost! It sounds stupid, but I was so excited to get my own car back. My parents were great and let me use there car while mine was in the shop getting fixed. But I'm so happy to have her back!!

I've been searching the web and looking at all of the new stuff from the new CHA release. And I cant wait till some of it hits the stores!! I'm already putting money back form my scrap habit!

I want pretty much everything from Prima!!! There masks are great and cant wait to play with those! The papers are great and the flowers and trims and the new albums!!! OMG cant wait!

Pink Paislee, Maya Roads, Creat paper, Tim Holtz, Websters pages, BoBunny, Graphic 45,
and so many more!!

I probably have an opinion about just about every line that's coming out!lol I love to scrapbook! There are so many lines that I want, I need to get a job! Just to support my habit! lol

Saturday, July 24, 2010

If its not one thing its another, right.....

Well if I'm not on here for a while it usually has to do with my kids or me, either being sick or other family stuff. Well its been two weeks or a little more and theres been SOOOOO much going on.

I've made some stuff and wanted to get the pictures on here, but when I put my memory card in my computer it BROKE!!!! In the little slot where it goes. I don't know what I'm going to do about it, I was going to take it some where but I was suppose to be leaving with my husband to go on a little vacation/some classes for his work. Well I was fallowing him down and I got in a wreck. I swerved to miss a semi, went around the back of the semi and into a pretty deep ditch. It damaged the car enough to where in would take a while to fix, so I didnt get to go.:( I did get to spend that day in the ER though. God had to have been watching over me, because I made it out with whip lash and a lower lumbar strain. It would have been so much worse. When I got home from that I had a house full of guest,lol, we had a bunch of family come into town, they were suppose to stay at my parents, but since I was back we decided to have some come and stay with me. That was nice and once everyone left after that week, my kids got sick! lol always something....

So now I have a sick little one, hes had a high fever and been trowing up, so I took him to the doctor and its all from an ear infection. But hes on meds now and should be fine soon! Thank God!! So now to getting my computer fixed!! So hopefully I'll get some new stuff posted soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July weekend and a new addition...

Well this past weekend was the 4th of July, but we really didnt do anything. My hubby was gone for work, so it didnt feel quite right. We still had fun though. We all went to my parents house and got in the pool, did some bbq'n. It was fun, it was more like a normal get together with our family,lol. We do that kind of stuff all the time. But it was fun!

Everything's kinds out of order here, so I guess I'll go backwards, already did Sunday so here's Saturday then Friday,lol. Well Saturday we added a new addition to our family. We got a dog! He's an adorable little chocolate lab and his name is Bo. The kids love him and begged me to bring him home and with me loving animals like I do, we brought him home with us,lol. And he's learning fast! We've had him 5 days now and he sits and stays when told to. But he doesn't like to be left alone, he'll whine and howl a little,lol. But he's so sweet!!

In his picture here, he'd been outside with us playing in the sprinkler! lol.

And on Friday I played with some lace, trims and some satin to make little flowers. They were fun and I think I might make some more.

They turned out pretty good, I think. The bigger ones are good as pins. I attached a few to some purses I have and even some shits and plain tanks I have. Just a little something to spice em' up a little,lol. Well off to scrap some more!