Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad weather, Donna Downey and Growing up.....

OMG! There has been so much going on here, well being sick and running around to doctors offices consentley! There are 3 of us in my family that had there ear drums burst this past week and we had some really crappy weather too.

Last Friday the weather here got terrible! We had tornado's all over the place, thunder and lightning storms and lots of rain!I was one of the ones with a bursting ear drum and its not been fun at all. My mom was actually in the process of taking me to the ER when we saw bad rotation and the tornado coming down, my mom asked me if I could deal with the pain and I said yeah and to hall butt home! We did and that tornado touched down to the right of where we saw it. That was crazy! We made it to my parents house, witch was where my kids were sleeping at the time because of me going to the ER. Well we got them and my dad helped us all get into the storm shelter. We stayed in the storm shelter until after midnight. That was the 1st time ever for me being in a storm shelter. But I'm just glad that we had it to go into.

Well the next morning I went to the doctor, most of the pain I had been in all night before was pretty much gone and sure enough I had a busted eardrum. But I also had a class to go to with Donna Downey. I had already paid and everything and I so wanted to go!!! Well after I left the doctors I went to the class and she is so great! She's the sweetest!! I couldn't hear real great because of the whole busted ear drum thing but I had so much fun! I didnt finish the album in class, but As soon as I finish it I'll post pictures, I love it thought and I will be doing more things like it I think!

And last but certainly not least, I took my oldest to school today and there was an extra sing up sheet at sing in, I looked at it and it said Graduation quests. We were suppose to write down how many guests we thought we would be bringing to our child's graduation. It took me a few minutes to realize that my son was fixing to graduate!! It may only be an elementary school graduation, but it surprises me how fast it snuck up on me. Hes fixing to graduate and schools going to be out. Its crazy! It just blows me away how fast things happen, my little guy is growing up!lol

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