Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family stuff and New things to play with

I've been away for a while, there's been non stop stuff going on here! One of my sons had to have allergy test and now has to get shots twice a week, but there already helping, bad allergies. We've been sick again! Glad that's over! My hubby started a new job, and then my dad had a heart attack.

It's been crazy!! Everythings ok now though, well its alright. My dad is doing ok, but hes being a man! He cant stand to sit around like the doctors told him to, stubborn!! lol, but hes doing better and my son can play out side like a normal kid now, so that's great!!! And my hubby is enjoying his new job.

So now back to scrapbooking!!!!lol. I've been watching different thing online, and I've gotten, I guess you can say kinda obsessed with a few things,lol. I'm totally loving tattered angels glimmer mist!!! Its great on all sorts of things, you can add just a light sheen to something or go all out and paint with it. And it all looks great!!! I've got a few things started, I'll have to finish them up and get them posted here so you can see.

I've also adventured into the world of Tim Holtz....... I'm loving the metals and grunge boards!! And I'm starting to dabble a little with alcohol inks.

And then I've always love Prima, but now I am totally digging the white flowers, all of them!! The innocent collection, the little white cameo roses, marshmallow lilliput roses, the snow tea roses, the e line flowers....... and so many more!!! Don't get me wrong I still love the already colored ones, but I like the fact that I can add whatever I want to theses flowers and make them match whatever I'm doing. And the fun thing is you can add glimmer mist to them, you can use the alcohol ink on them and everything, you can add glitter, its like the possibility's are endless!!
ooooh and that goes for butterflies too!!! lol. Anyways.....

Like I said I have a few projects started and my goal is to get them up by the end of this week, so here's me keeping my fingers crossed that I can get this stuff done and that not a ton of things come up!! lol but that's life hu?
So hopefully I'll be posting more later this week!!!!

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