Thursday, August 5, 2010

New mini, distressed and grungy

Well I know I wrote that I had one of my memory cards break off in my computer, well we got it out, but it didnt seem to fix it, it wouldn't let me download anything when I put my memory cards in, so I had to find a way around it, I was going to try cds, but that would mean going to Walmart every time I wanted to put anything on my computer and I'm one of those people that wants instant gratification, so that didnt work for me,lol. Well when I did go to get a cd made I found this little card reader that plugs right into you USB port, problem solved!! So here are a few new things that I've been working on and have actually finished.

I got some of the new Tim Holtz papers about a week ago and I love them! Tim Holtz rules! lol The one I did this mini with is Lost and Found. I'm going to have to get some more of this! I like grunge and when I saw this paper it was like, Swoon..... lol I had fun with it though. I just wish I could have fit all of the pages in it! When I actually got it done I couldn't fit all of the pages in it, I even added one of Tim Holtzs knobs and put a closure on it to hold it better,lol but still only 6 of the pages fit in. I guess I could stick the rest of the pages in, but it doesn't close at all that way,hummmmm. Maybe I'll make another mini.... the possibility... :)

And here is a page I did of my sister and her little girl, it was for a sketch challenge online and I thought these pictures were perfect for this layout. Now I have to make sure my sister doesn't get her hands on it!! lol

And then here's a layout I did of me and my hubby. Its a little different then most of my LO's. I've played with transparency's before but this LO is on a transparency. I love the look of the LO's on transparency's. Anyways I think I've talked enough for now,lol, I tend to be long winded and I guess that even goes over to typing! But here's my last LO for the day.