Monday, April 19, 2010

Such a long day!

Today was so long!! We had doctors appointments and where we go is about 45 min. away. Well we had one appointment at 8am and the other at 1:30 this afternoon.So it was ALL day!! I had 2 kids that weren't to happy with being stuck out for so long. One had to get shots and the other had to go see an ear, nose and throat doctor. So yeah it was great. There both good though.

I do have to say they did extremely well for feeling bad. We even went to a few scrapbooking stores and they helped pick out some papers and embellishments. They like to scrap with mommy too! lol. They did great on the ride home and once we got here my oldest wanted to nap, that never happens, hes past that stage. Hes only 5 but he never naps and he never chooses to nap on his own! But he laid down and napped for over an hour. But now both of the boys are up and getting into it already,lol. And now we need to go get ready for dinner at my sisters, taco night!! lol :)

Always on the run!

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