Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New year and new stuff

Its already good into the new year and I'm sick again! blah! lol I don't like being sick and its like it keeps happening, but I guess with a little one in school its going to keep happening! Anyways.. I still haven't finished my paper holders made out of priority mail boxes but as soon as I'm feeling better I'm going to get on it so that I can post pictures as promised.

But New things... I've laid in bed on the computer off and on for a few days when I felt good and have been checking out the new CHA sneak peeks and there so great! PRIMA!!! OMG! They have tons of new stuff that I can't wait to get m hands on! Check them out HERE. They have some great new stuff, but there done with there sneak peaks so you can look at all of theres already and dont have to wait for a day by day, but I personally love the day by day looks! I cant wait for more. And now I'm watching Maya Roads!! LOVE THERE STUFF! I cant wait to get there coaster albums!! That elephant one if going to be great! And so is the strawberry one! And the rest of them too!! lol I love the new minis they have too. I cant wait to use the little butterflies! And the sewing set should be fun! And the Kraft tickets!! My list goes on and on!

Well I'm off to lay in the bed,( until I feel better) and look at more sneak peeks!!