Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woo Hoo, I'm a Peachy Kat!!

So I'm so happy to announce that I'm a new member of Let's get Peachy!!!
Here is the the Let's get Peachy blog, you really need to check it out! Hope to see you around and can't wait to see what You think of it!! So excited!! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

No charger :(

Ok so the title has two meanings,lol. It's been crazy here, but I've loved it!! But I just feel like I can't fully get back into the swing of things and I cant get enough sleep, or I guess you can say I cant get charged back up! lol Lame I know... anyways....

Well when I say its been busy around here these are some of the things we've been doing.....
My oldest son has been wanting his room painted green for so long, so I went and got some of the little sample bottles and painted 3 big squares on his wall and let him choose. So one night we made a fort in the living room and let him sleep out there, we cranked up the music and painted his room. And he loves it!! Now we just need to up date his room some more for a big boy room. We put in a new desk and TV and he was totally excited that he had a place to do home work and to watch his movies. Still more to do there but its going to be a little at a time. Then in our youngest room we just rearranged and put a new TV in, to be honest I'm not to psyched about either of them having a TV in there rooms, I think there too young, just what I think but my hubby thought it would be great. Anyways..... Well then we rearanged out living room and my hubby built a new TV stand, I'll have to get some pictures of the too, I think he did a great job though. And we also painted my kitchen!! I was so excited about all the changes in the house. We've lived in this house for 4 years and were juts starting to make it look like a home, and its still got a long way to go!

But now we have a birthday party to plan and I have to get on the invites and everything. My little guy is turning 6!! Its crazy to think!! But Im so looking forward to this next week!! Its spring break and I'll get to have some time to wind down and recharge with my little ones!! I think the extra time with them will totally do it for me!!

Oh yeah the reason I haven't had any pictures lately was because my charger broke and I cant find one in the store anywhere!! So I don't know what to do. Honestly I don't have the money to buy a new camera right now, so I'm going to barrow my moms tonight and take some pictures and get them on here. Sorry for the lull in the blog but I'm so use to blogging with pictures,lol.