Monday, December 21, 2009

New scrapping storage??? for cheap?

Well its not a shock to everyone that the economy is kinda sucking right now. I know there's tons of families out there that are having problems because of losing jobs, my husband lost his, so I'm right there with you all.

But I scrapbook, as you know from here on my blog. And I've been needing more storage for my scrapbooking paper. I like to have it where I can see what I have, other wise I have the tendency to forget I have it. But I don't really have the money to go out and buy a bunch of storage for my stuff at the moment, Christmas for the kids is more important. So I went to the post office and got some of there biggest priority mail boxes, there 12 and 15/16 in. wide, so they work great!

Well my first try was not the best, I messed up and cut it straight threw from one side, if you decided to make some of these on your own, don't have the same mistake as me,lol. It made it short on one side to where it didnt have the flat edge on the top like I wanted:

Then I tried another way. I used the one I messed up on to lay it on another box and trace it on that one. Then I flipped the box and traced it on the other side, but you do have to make sure you line them up and the flat top is on the same side on both sides. Just to make sure I had it done right this time, before I ruined another box, I folded it and it looked great! So I laid it back down, cut gently on the lines I drew and then folded it back up again and carefully cut threw the box all the way around.

And here's what it looks like!

But I'm not done with it yet!! I'm going to add some scrapbook paper and a label on the spine, so that when I sit it on my desk I can see what it is! I'll post some pictures once I get them done!!

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