Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby its cold out!!

I've been wanting to go outside so bad lately, but its so cold I can't stay out. I've been kinda looking forward to rain because it warms up a little,lol, but then it freezes. But I've been sitting here at my scrapbooking desk watching my crazy husband stand out on our back porch and grill a Boston butt. Every time he goes out he has to put on his boot, and his carheart jacket,lol, He looks funny! But when its like this I get to get more of my scrapbooking done. That is, when the kids are down for there bap or really involved in a movie,lol.

I've got a few things I've got to get done for some friends and family members, I have a few family members that expect to get a mini album every holiday. I've still got a few that I have to finish for Christmas, but unfortunately they'll be a little late, hope no one will be mad at me, but I've had 2 sick little ones lately, but everyone seems to be on the mend, so hopefully everyone will understand.

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