Friday, June 18, 2010

Our 1st visitor of the summer

We had our first visitor of this summer! We were inside and herd our dogs barking out side, we went out in the back yard an found a cute little turtle making his way to the pond! He was too cute! We watched him walk around the yard, and they aren't slow! It was funny because the dogs were scared of this little bitty turtle! lol But we've had quite a few in the yard now, along with some bunnies and deer. Its fun to see the animals and the kids love it!

Now, to get some more scrapping done?? Its a little hard when your away from home.We are away for a few day, well me and the kids at least, but I brought some scrapping with me to do after they go to Hope I get some done! I miss having my desk, like i have at home. Well I'll post more when I get home! Sorry for being MIA
Hope everyone's having a fun summer so far!!

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