Sunday, December 26, 2010

So how was your Christmas???

Merry late Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone had a good day with family, friends and loved ones! We had a pretty good day our selves. My sister and her family were down for Christmas as well, we all wanted to be together Christmas morning like we were when we were little, so we all stayed at our parents house. Us adults stayed up late and did the Santa thing, then me and my sis stayed up talking, so needless to say, morning came early, like 5:30am!! The kids were up and raring to go!! lol

I had pictures to post of the tree, but I cant believe I'm going to say thins, but I left my camera at my parents house. So it looks like I'll have to make a trip that way again today! lol I'm never with out my camera so this is odd. The kids are in the living room playing with remote control cars and having a blast and I don't have a camera to take pictures. But I'm sure they'll be playing with them for a while.

But one thing I can say for out family, even though were grown with our own kids we've stuck to the same traditions. On Christmas day when we were kids we had to wait to open our presents until our parents had there first cup of coffee, then my dad would pass out all our gifts, once he'd passed everything out we'd start opening. Well we did the same thing this year, with all of us being at there house. Not sure what my sister dose at her house but we do the same at my house for Christmas. I like tradition. I did, however miss my brothers and there families! I'm hoping that one year in the near future will ALL get to be together for Christmas!
Ok so on a different note....I watch Marion Smiths ustream channel, if you haven't watched her you really, REALLY need to check her out! Anyways.... She kinda issued a challenge on her show the other day. Were all trying to get to know each other better so she wants us to try and post a youtube video or ustream video, I'll have to check again. But one video for every day of January. It can be of anything, just so we get to know each other a little better, a little insight to each others life's I guess. I think its kinda cool, I'm looking forward to it. My only problem is that I don't have a web cam. I might attempt to use the recording on my cannon and see if that will work. I'm going to test this before January 1st. lol. But So far my thoughts are to do videos on projects I haven't finished and try to finish those on the little videos and if I run out of those, then I have a folder on my computer that's got things in it that I've been wanting to do, so maybe this will be a way for me to do that, a little push,lol!! Well off to get some stuff done before I have to go into work this afternoon, short lived little vacation from work, hu?? Oh well I was with my family on Christmas, we got to celebrate together, that's all that matters. Again I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and God bless!

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