Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day and a project

So how was your Mothers Day?? I hope it was great! My Mothers Day gift came a few days early this year. My kids and hubby got me an adorable little Maltese puppy. She's great and so fun. And so little. She reminds me of a cat kind of,lol. She pounces and attacks stuff, So fun. I'll have to get a picture up here in the next few days. Shes always running around doing something. :)

Well this here LO is one I did for the Lets Get Peachy Design team. I, like fellow scrappers have a hard time scrapping our selves. Were usually busy scrapping our kiddos, family and other friends and pets. So this was kind of hard for me, but I think I did an alright job.

Well I have tons to get done, few projects here and there. I also have a few shows that are on tonigh that I want to catch, then back to

Oh and please remember the Lets Get Peachy Blog hop that's going on, tonight's the last night and then will get to pick our winners!! Hope you've had fun!

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